Here at Harris Associated Consulting, we have you protected in all areas.  Just a few of those areas are asset protection, business stability, investigations, and special services. Call us today to find out how we can help you stay safe.


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  • Armed or Unarmed Guard Services

    Armed or Unarmed Guard Services

    The experienced staff at HAC, working with you, will determine which features of our guard service is right for you.…

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  • Event Security Management

    Event Security Management

    By providing a layer of professional security to corporate events helps reduce the risk of harm, bad press, and loss…

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  • Hostile Employee Termination

    Hostile Employee Termination

    Terminating an employee can turn into a violent situation, both during and after the event. Proper planning can help reduce…

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  • Place of Worship Security

    Place of Worship Security

    Places of worship jump to the front of the line in recent years for most lives lost in a hostile…

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  • Business Continuity

    Business Continuity

    Risk mitigation through cyber security and business continuity are paramount to business success every day.  Consultants provide support strategic business…

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  • Fraud Investigation

    Fraud Investigation

    Employee Embezzlement, Larceny, Conflict of Interest, Bribery, Economic Extortion, and Illegal Gratuities are but a few of the reasons business…

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  • Drone Capabilities

    Drone Capabilities

    Drone capabilities have become one of the smarts choices when it comes to Security Assessments, Site Assessments, and Security work.…

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  • Cyber Security

    Cyber Security

    Risk mitigation through cyber security and business continuity are paramount to business success every day.  Consultants provide support strategic business…

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  • Emergency Management Planning

    Emergency Management Planning

    In case of an Emergency 9-1-1 is NOT a plan, it’s PART of our Emergency Management Planning but cannot be…

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  • Bomb Threat Management

    Bomb Threat Management

    Drawing on our vast experience in bomb threats helps corporations develop bomb threat policies and staff training. At its inception,…

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  • Private Investigative Services

    Private Investigative Services

    Our team of licensed investigators has a vast array of experience when it comes to private investigative services. We pride…

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  • Executive Protection

    Executive Protection

    The team of Harris Associated Consulting can provide executive protection as an added layer of security for corporate executives and…

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  • Corporate Espionage Countermeasures AKA Bug Sweep

    Corporate Espionage Countermeasures AKA

    When conducting board meetings you discuss intellectual ideas, property, hiring, firing or even IPOs. It is vital to the success…

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  • Background Investigation

    Background Investigation

    A background investigation finds out who you’re dealing with in business and your personal life has become vital for corporate…

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  • Global Travel Security

    Global Travel Security

    Global Travel Security for executives, employees, and their families is vital.  Traveling abroad posses an increased risk due to kidnapping…

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  • Workplace Violence

    Workplace Violence

    Workplace Violence has become a hot-button in the past decade. OSHA now has verbiage in their guidelines regarding workplace violence…

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  • Interview Techniques

    Interview Techniques

    Occasionally your company may have a need for in-depth interviews of staff and potential employees that go above and beyond…

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  • Security Vulnerability Assessment

    Security Vulnerability Assessment

    Our team’s relevant experiences and addressing a diverse array of risks, the Security Vulnerability Assessment is an action plan to…

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  • Physical Security Risk Assessments

    Physical Security Risk Assessments

    A Physical Security Risk Assessment is an overview of your company’s assets PHYSICAL SITES and the surrounding areas. The Assessment…

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  • Security Design

    Security Design

    Before building or remodeling, it is a PERFECT time to make security design adjustments to keep your asset and its…

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  • Fire and Explosion Investigations

    Fire and Explosion Investigations

    With over 30+ years in fire and explosion investigations and expert witness testimony, Harris Associated Consulting is your go-to for…

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