Emergency Management Planning

In case of an Emergency 9-1-1 is NOT a plan, it’s PART of our Emergency Management Planning but cannot be the whole plan. Hostile Incident events are usually over before help arrives; weather events happen and pass just as fast. If your company and staff have a plan and have not trained on the plan for events like these, your company can be held liable for any damages incurred by your staff and their families. Our goal, in addition to protecting lives, is to help create a legally defensible position for your company through planning and training documentation.

The principals at HAC have experience in developing Emergency Management Plans and reviewing existing plans for small businesses to large corporations, universities, and cities. We guide your team through every step of creating training on your new Emergency Management Plan.

A fluid, effective plan will incorporate new policies and procedures for events such as severe weather, terminations, and hostile intruder incidents. These plans rely on the monitoring of daily activities and outside events. But, also clear preparation by companies to protect their employees and ensure business continuity.  There’s nothing worse than having a ruptured water main, for example, which in turn disables the building’s air conditioning and bathrooms. Then the question becomes what to do with the one hundred employees who are on their way to work on a one hundred degree day. An emergency management plan helps companies forecast and train their employees on how to stay safe and healthy while continuing their daily work. Let’s be honest, most corporations have employees that work on company servers and computers, having a plan whereby people can telecommute keeps your business rolling in the event of an unforeseen calamity such as a ruptured water main. 

Another key component to the Emergency Management Plan is education and training on the plan and contingency plans. Our goal is to keep your company up and running with minimal down time in the event of an emergency. Additionally, we provide training and education on your plan for your employees so they can be safe in times of crisis. 

Lastly, an Emergency Management Plan and training helps your company comply with OSHA safe work environment requirements. Without a plan and training your company may be vulnerable to heavy fines should an emergency event occur and produce injury or death to employees.

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