Executive Protection

The team of Harris Associated Consulting can provide executive protection as an added layer of security for corporate executives and their families, should the need arise. Armed or un-armed agents can be dispatched to your place of business, residence and even travel locations to keep your people safe in the event of a threat or just for peace of mind.

Executive Protection is consistently utilized in the termination of employees. HAC has assisted many corporations with the termination of potentially hostile employees and executives. Starting before the termination HAC acts as a resource to the company Human Resource department. We strive to guide and advise HR directors as to letting the individual go in the best possible manner, stays on location during the termination and has kept agents in place post-termination termination to ensure the safety and security of the location and staff should it be necessary.

Our principals have conducted Executive Protection details for heads of state, diplomats, and high-level executives. Our detail planning is extensive and focused on the details needed to keep our principal safe. Protection details have occurred both domestically and internationally.

Protecting your brand starts with protecting your leadership.  From direct threats to the potential of corporate embarrassment; the concerns range from life to stock value.  Our team has protected a wide variety of individuals and groups including Fortune 100 C-Suite individuals, HR Directors, and Gubernatorial Candidates. We have had successful operations coordinating with local law enforcement, the secret service, and other international law enforcement entities. We are well respected and have a reputation for extensive diligence within our relationships. 

Case study: Recently HAC was contracted to conduct a high threat level executive protection detail for a CEO of a Fortune 100 company. Initially, the protective detail was just for the CEO. Within three days it was expanded to include his house, his wife, and his children. The coverage on the house and CEO was 24/7. His wife and children were monitored throughout their normal day to day events including school and after school activities. Our agents were discrete and professional allowing their lives to continue on without interruption.

One of our clients expressed these words of gratitude, “You were here for two weeks undercover and no one knew there was anything wrong. We felt so much safer knowing you were here.” –JW-Large Hospital Group, Kansas

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