Event Security Management

By providing a layer of professional security to corporate events helps reduce the risk of harm, bad press, and loss of assets. The team at HAC has provided event security ranging from corporate parties to political rallies. We have experience coordinating the event security management working with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. In advance of the event, we conduct an overview of the venue site. Additionally, we create an emergency plan. Lastly, we make recommendations to the client. The recommendations align with the event venue and type of event. Furthermore, the recommendations usually include a number of agents, pre and post-event security measures, and dress code. The attire of the agents is determined by the client, climate, and type of event. Our agents have the ability to blend in or stand out. The decision on attire depends on the outcome of our client meeting.

In addition to corporate parties, the staff at HAC strongly recommends event security management at board meetings and C-Suite member meetings. Our staff can provide security for the meeting which includes sweeping the room for listening devices, eliminating the risk of cell phone bugging, and physical security for all the key players in the corporation. Protection of information is vital for the success of corporations. In today's world of ever-evolving sophisticated corporate espionage, the business must protect its trade secrets, product development, and business plans.

Event Security is a well coordinated effort. The event planning staff and agents of HAC work hand-in-hand to ensure the best security possible. It involves everything from event catering to how people arrive and depart safely. 

Case Study: The team at HAC provided security for a political rally. The agents worked closely with campaign staff to provide a security plan. The agents met with the campaign manager at the venue before the event. While at the meeting we discussed their concerns and helped guide the manager through the process of protection of the candidate, his guest, and the public. The security detail encompassed before the event, during the event, and after.  In this situation, our agents were dressed as conspicuously as desired by the candidate. From start to finish of the event the plan worked flawlessly and the candidate without incident. Furthermore, we continued to provide security during the course of the campaign. 

Lastly, the staff at HAC can provide security for any event both in country and out of the country.

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