Global Travel Security

Global Travel Security for executives, employees, and their families is vital.  Traveling abroad posses an increased risk due to kidnapping for ransom. This act has become popular in many countries. Utilizing our resources and contacts globally the team at HAC can provide an overview of the country and the associated risks.

Additionally, HAC can provide an Executive Protection detail in the country led by one of our agents. This added layer of protection and intelligence allows your staff to conduct business or relax during their vacation safely and securely.

Our staff has extensive experience traveling abroad for professional and personal reasons. Because of our global connections HAC has a firm grasp on the safety levels of various countries where your employees may travel. We have the ability to provide a thorough report on how to stay safe where they are going. Additionally, if the climate of the country or city is dangerous we have the ability to put together a security detail- complete with driver and provide one of our agents as the team leader while in country. 

Case Study: A large global insurance company has staff and C-Suite individuals traveling for business and for board meetings world-wide. The company uses HAC to provide them information about the current level of safety for the travel and meeting destinations. Utilizing our global network of contacts HAC provides them the most up to date information so they can send their staff abroad with confidence.  

Additionally, HAC provides training with tips and techniques for traveling employees so they can understand how to keep themselves and any proprietary information on their laptops safe and secure. Furthermore, our training educates employees on steps to take in case of trouble which may include the theft or loss of a passport, money, etc.