Workplace Violence

Workplace Violence has become a hot-button in the past decade. OSHA now has verbiage in their guidelines regarding workplace violence and your company’s responsibilities for your employees. HAC, utilizing industry standards and guidelines, assists companies in developing Workplace Violence Policies, Procedures, and Trainings.

Initially, our team will guide your HR department and company leaders in an overview of workplace violence prompting a discussion of your key leaders to establish company definitions and guidelines. From that starting place we guide your company through the establishment of your policies and procedures relevant to your company. Lastly, we will help develop and deliver you company’s new workplace violence policy and procedure to your employees at large.

Workplace Violence transcends all areas of society today. According to OSHA, about two million people report some type of workplace violence.   If one watches or reads the news daily they realize no business, school, or place of worship is immune from workplace violence of some type. The Office of Crime Statistics reports the numbers are on an upward trend. Women are overwhelmingly victims, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The homicide numbers are staggering, 24% of fatalities were women, while 9% were men. Of those women, 40% were killed by a relative or domestic partner. Providing appropriate training and development of best practice policies is now part of any company’s responsibility for the protection and welfare of their employees. The importance of preplanning reduces risk and loss should an incident occur. Also, the proper policies and procedures, in the event of an incident, including business continuity minimizes the loss of productivity. 

Case Study: One of our clients had an employee who’s former boyfriend was part of a gang. Their relationship turned violent and she broke it off. After she left he threatened her, and stated he would “come to her workplace to get her.” Our agents stayed in the lobby of the company. They monitored the comings and goings of people. They also kept watch over the parking lot. During the time they were on duty the abuser drove through the parking lot conducting a hostile surveillance. The police were called to let them know his location. The goals of the detail were to ensure her safety, the safety of all other employees, and the security of the property. She got an escort from her car to her desk and back out again at the end of the day. Furthermore, the agents of HAC counseled her on best practices for maintaining her safety outside the workplace.