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We believe in a strong, supportive, and secure relationships with our clients. Through personalized planning, guaranteed high performance, and the utmost confidentiality, Harris Associated Consulting creates and maintains lasting relationships with all our clients.


Harris Associated Consulting agents are hand-selected and cross-trained with individual specialties. Our goal is to create a cohesive, multi-dimensional team of agents who work together to serve you and your company. Many of our agents are former law enforcement officers and all currently hold Private Investigative Licenses.


When you outsource your corporate security to Harris Associated Consulting, you will get the best protection available.  The end result saves your company money by protecting valuable assets without paying the high employment, liability, and insurance costs. Harris Associated Consulting takes the risk to secure you and your assets.

Client Satisfaction:

We pride ourselves on rapid and appropriate response to your needs. After discussing your concerns, if we deem immediate assistance to be needed, we strive to have an agent on-site in a matter of hours. Furthermore, when it’s all said and done, we are confident it will be a job done to your satisfaction. At the completion of one our Executive Protection details, the principal protective said, “Thank you all for everything! This was like a secret service detail.” Dignitary, Israel