Hostile Employee Termination

Terminating an employee can turn into a violent situation, both during and after the event. Proper planning can help reduce problems which may arise from an already tense situation. The agents at HAC are well versed in supporting Human Resource departments with terminations safely and effectively.  We have been onsite during terminations. As well as, in the room to escort individuals out of the building and into their vehicles. Furthermore, we have stayed on site to reduce any further risk presented by hostile employees.

All too often our teams are called on after the termination. The human resource team realizes there are larger issues than just a simple termination. We prefer to plan ahead with our clients, but are prepared to respond immediately in an emergency.

Planning for an employee termination can be a legal nightmare. Planning is important to a peaceful and swift resolution. We have guided clients on proper steps to terminate an employee with compassion yet firmness. We have a plan to reduce the risk of a hostile event post termination. 

Case Study: An employee was discovered using his company computer to visit inappropriate websites. This violated the company’s policy. HAC agents were onsite to prevent a violent departure. The employee claimed they didn’t do it, however the evidence was strong against him. Additionally, during the termination interview the employee made threats against the staff and specifically the HR director. The agent escorted the individual to his vehicle and recommended he did not return to the location nor any locations of the business. Because of his threats the company felt more comfortable having an agent on hand for the next three days. Our agents were posted inside the building for increased security. By providing the security to the company the employees felt more assured for their safety thereby helping maintain their productivity. 

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