Background Investigation

A background investigation finds out who you’re dealing with in business and your personal life has become vital for corporate and personal security. Pre-employment background checks, employment history, and social media monitoring are key components to ensuring safety and integrity for your business.

In today’s world, it is prudent to get a background check on ALL new hires.  When calling references, by law they can only tell you dates the individual worked there and if they could be rehired.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know of any arrest records? What if the potential new hire has multiple speeding tickets that may be an indicator of lack of self-control or issues with authority figures. What about DUIs? It would be nice to know if your potential employee may have an issue with alcohol use. All of this information and more can be determined with a simple background check. The starting place for most background checks is around one hundred dollars. Having a background investigation completed is invaluable for your peace of mind for your new hire. 

Case Study: One of our clients was new to online dating. After meeting a gentleman online she grew increasingly concerned about his requests for money. Our investigation revealed he was not an older American living in the states but a young man living in Nigeria. Apparently, online scamming of this nature is his chosen profession. Luckily, armed with our information she was able to terminate the relationship and feel comfortable he would not retaliate in any way.

We have conducted background investigations for potential suitors. One of our clients had this to say about our work, “Thank you for all your work and information. I hope you can bring attention to this guy with the authorities. The male was a predator."-Mary B. Florida

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