Private Investigative Services

Our team of licensed investigators has a vast array of experience when it comes to private investigative services. We pride ourselves on being through and discreet. Our investigations have included, but are not limited to: workman’s compensation claims, insurance fraud, and general investigative services.

In addition to investigative services, we have also been vetted for expert witness testimony in multiple areas. Our experience and testimony has led to the recovery of million dollars in assets, as well as, the arrest and conviction of responsible parties.

Asset protection and fraud investigation are some of our most requested services. Companies need to protect their assets which may include equipment, supplies, and personnel. There may be a need for monitoring of facilities during the day or overnight during construction, after a natural disaster, or in the event of a fire or flood. 

In addition to asset protection, surveillance of recently terminated or suspended employees helps our clients rest easier especially when threats are made against the company, human resources, or employees. We have monitored the activities of these individuals for days, weeks, and sometimes months to ensure a safe resolution of issues. When we conduct these surveillance activities the company is provided a daily activity log either on a daily basis or at the conclusion of the detail. If the surveilled individual makes a move toward their former place of employment we have the ability to warn the facility and interdict the individual before they get to the building. Our agents are dressed to blend in with the business in which they are stationed ensuring no employee nor customer is any the wiser that they are being guarded. 

This level of security eases employee stress and helps maintain a safe, productive work environment. 

Case Study:During the final construction phase of a new facility one of our clients had multiple agents overnight in the vulnerable facility. Our agents protected millions of dollars worth of medical and IT equipment, supplies, and wiring.  The protection by our agents allowed the company to stock the necessary supplies before the actual opening date consequently when opening day came they were ready to go and be productive from the moment they unlocked the doors.