Cyber Security

Risk mitigation through cyber security and business continuity are paramount to business success every day.  Consultants provide support strategic business functions through the implantation of cost-effective controls to mitigate risks to any business. Combining Cyber Security (ISO27001) and Business Continuity (ISO22301) practices to create a resilient business environment for your company.  Over 20 years of experience and CISSP, FBCI, CBCP certifications are held by our team.

With fast moving technology development and ever evolving Mal-ware clients are constantly scrambling to protect their online assets and proprietary information. Ransom and bitcoin threats can stop an active business in its tracks. Hostile emails and corporate threats are also investigated for person of origin. Our team of cyber security experts can help our clients recover valuable data. Additionally,  we have the resources available for clients so they never become victims of a cyber attack. We understand when bad things happen to our businesses we need to react quickly and efficiently our cyber team is ready to assist at a moments notice.

Business Continuity

Security Vulnerability Assessment