Security Vulnerability Assessment

Our team’s relevant experiences and addressing a diverse array of risks, the Security Vulnerability Assessment is an action plan to protect your company assets. The SVA is conducted on existing facilities helping identify areas of security risk while providing solutions to addressing those risks.

Our SVAs can be utilized domestically or for international locations. Most recently we provided an Explosive Vulnerability Assessment for a Fortune 500 company for one of their assets in the Middle East. The report outlined steps to be taken for mitigating the risk of a suicide bomber or vehicle borne improvised explosive device. The Explosive Vulnerability Assessment is a key component in the Security Vulnerability Assessment, especially in light of the current risks faced by international corporations.

We cover a vast array of facilities including, but not limited to: Large Corporate campuses, Stadiums, Universities, American Schools in foreign countries, and Schools here in the United States.

Here's a sampling of where our team has conducted SVAs:
*United States *Pakistan
*Philippines *Colombia
*India *Nigeria
*Yemen *Lebanon

Security planning begins with a discussion of concerns with our clients and experts. We take into account physical security, cybersecurity, and policies and procedures in our assessments.  In this process a review is conducted of all these elements for a large scope analysis. Our skilled security professionals create a separation between your assets and potential threats. We identify vulnerabilities, which may be exploited, and develop solutions to reduce the risk and stop any threats. Our physical security and executive protection teams work diligently to protect you and your company’s reputation.

Case Study:  Our team of highly qualified agents conducted a security vulnerability assessment on a Fortune 500 company office here in the midwest. The company shared its building with a high-risk business entity. The site manager felt an assessment would be appropriate for their office although they may not be the primary target. Our agents conducted a thorough assessment which included small, no-cost steps the company could implement immediately and larger ticket items for future planning.  HAC additionally provided a list of potential vendors for the client to help minimize time and stress when implementing security changes.