Place of Worship Security

Places of worship jump to the front of the line in recent years for most lives lost in a hostile intruder attack. Many places of worship don't feel the need to think about safety and security. Two individuals armed with a gun is really not the answer to safer places of worship nor is calling 9-1-1 a security solution.  Sadly, attacks are preventable by consulting with our HAC team of security specialists.  Many of the attacks involve domestic issues, issues with church leaders, and domestic attacks on individuals with different religious beliefs. Our security team can assist you with state of the art information, equipment, and training to make worshippers feel safe and secure. Our agents, while in the facility, are dressed to match the group, have a friendly face,  and are extremely aware of what's going on around them.

Prior planning of major holy days and places of worship security.

In addition to regular support for places of worship, the agents of Harris Associated Consulting also provide security for special events and high holy days.  As part of our preparation we conduct surveillance of the facility before and during the event. Also, we may use bomb dogs for bomb detection within the building, if required or requested. If necessary, we use magnetometers or weapons detection equipment as an added layer of security for attending guests. Lastly, we can also conduct individual security screenings for events.

According to FBI statistics attacks on Places of Worship are on the rise. Most organizations tend to have an attitude that goes something like this, “It will never happen here” OR “God will protect us.” There are no statistics that support that attitude. People are unpredictable, at HAC we feel preparing for the worst, while expecting the best to be a better attitude. Why else would you buckle your seatbelt, have your children buckle in as well, every time you get in the car? 

Case Study: On a weekly basis one of our agents monitors the Sunday services at a local church. The agent has stopped people trying to break into cars in the parking lot.  Additionally, the agent has watched the actions of an angry husband who came to speak to his estranged wife while at church. Luckily, the angry husband did nothing aggressive toward his wife or anyone else in the group. The rest of the people were very happy the agent was at the service to make sure nothing bad happened. Lastly, while on duty the agent has helped multiple people with medical emergencies.  


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