Business Continuity

Risk mitigation through cyber security and business continuity are paramount to business success every day.  Consultants provide support strategic business functions through the implantation of cost-effective controls to mitigate risks to any business. Combining Cyber Security (ISO27001) and Business Continuity (ISO22301) practices to create a resilient business environment for your company.  This includes such topics as response strategies/planning to natural disasters, civil unrest, and the ever-increasing ransomware.  Over 20 years of experience and CISSP, FBCI, CBCP certifications are held by our team.  Also, include for accomplishments was being part of the final five candidates for BCI’s North America Award for Continuity and Resilience Consultant, 2015.

Mentionable successful projects have been with one of the Big 5 banks and another has been with a major health care provider in New Mexico.

  • The banking project was within its Global Business Continuity Governance division. Responsibilities included monitoring eight divisions for business recovery compliance.  This encompassed ≈ 29,000 employees located in 34 different countries.  This project was recognized by the company’s CIO for our success in reducing identifiable gaps within their program.


  • The health care project encompassed defining a strategy and then implementing a Business Continuity program that included three major hospitals and five regional hospitals in New Mexico. This was a Board owned project that was directed by the CFO.  This project was recognized for bringing a Big Four audit finding to zero.


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