Physical Security Risk Assessments

A Physical Security Risk Assessment is an overview of your company’s assets PHYSICAL SITES and the surrounding areas. The Assessment incorporates, but is not limited to: a geography of the surrounding areas, other businesses nearby that may elevate your security risk, ease of movement into the front of your facility, and additional risk factors too numerous to name.

Through numerous assessments, the team at HAC has discovered that what companies think may be a “perk” is actually a serious breach of security. Let us help you navigate through creating a safer environment for your staff and your company.

Although an aspect of the Security Vulnerability Assessment, some companies are just looking for a security report of a physical building and location. The physical security assessment includes, but are not limited to: exterior building surveys, parking lot lighting evaluation, regional crime reports, and existing safety systems associated with the property.  Additionally, the assessment includes fire and life safety code compliance and suggestions for improvements.

Case Study: A midwest based religious group was planning on opening a food bank and counseling facility.  The considered location was in a neighborhood that had potential security risks. The HAC team surveyed all exterior aspects of the building. Furthermore, inside the building the life safety and fire code and security systems were assessed. Lastly, a neighborhood report on crime statistics, to an area of three miles, around the proposed facility was examined. Based on our findings the client determined the location was not suitable for their needs.