Security Design

Before building or remodeling, it is a PERFECT time to make security design adjustments to keep your asset and its contents safe. HAC provides design assistance for architects and contractors to help “harden” your target while maintaining its soft appearance. It’s MUCH easier to erase some lines on a paper than to jack-hammer out concrete to make important changes.

Fire and Life Safety Code consulting on existing or new building projects is paramount to total safety. Whether your project is large or small, we can assist with business and industrial locations to assembly facilities.  Projects are worldwide and closely monitored between staff and clients for safety and project stability.  Our team understands the importance, development, and history of fire, building and life safety codes for each type of facility.

The security design service includes businesses, schools, and any potential construction planning process. Our team of experts examine exterior planning, fire and life safety code, and security planning. We meet with all interested parties including, but not limited to: construction companies, architects, interior designers, and local law enforcement. During those meetings we review plans and begin our recommendation process. 

Case Study:  Our team of agents are consulting on an ongoing basis to ensure best practice security measures in the construction of a new high school. The high school will cover over ten acres of school and grounds with the school being over one hundred fifty thousand square feet. Our experts have helped with not only of the physical design of the building, but with current security technology incorporation into the overall plan. Utilizing our corporate partnerships HAC is confident to recommend security measures that will help keep students and staff safe. 

In essence, as one of our clients put it, “You’ve provided us with a ROAD MAP to better security during all phases of our construction and construction design. We now know where to start, what is cost effective, and where to focus our dollars on making our facility more secure.”-J.B. New Mexico