Fire and Explosion Investigations

With over 30+ years in fire and explosion investigations and expert witness testimony, Harris Associated Consulting is your go-to for ANY investigation regarding fire and explosion. We have Certified Fire and Explosive experts on our team that can assist your company to recover assets and determine origin and cause of the fire and/or explosion. Our lead investigator has been responsible for the investigation and arrest of numerous arsonists and criminals using fire or explosives as a weapon.

In addition to our domestic experience in fire and explosion investigation, our staff has been tasked with the training of post-blast investigators world-wide to assist their country in capturing wanted terrorists. While some think the explosion or fire has destroyed evidence, the event has produced more evidence that may indicate why the criminal event occurred and how it was done.

Our Certified Fire Investigators apply vast field experience gained from over thirty years in the fire marshal’s office, bomb squads, and arson investigation units.  Furthermore, our investigators have gained international experience examining explosive incidents overseas. We deploy highly skilled investigators to conduct comprehensive investigations, provide expert witness testimony, or assist with litigation.

Case Study:  One of our fire investigators was called out to a five fatality fire to conduct a causality investigation. After collection of evidence and interviews with witnesses, responding fire departments, and electrical engineers the fire was determined to be caused by a faulty space heater. Our expert compiled the case working closely with the attorney for the surviving family member and through expert witness testimony helped settle the case. 

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