Bomb Threat Management

Drawing on our vast experience in bomb threats helps corporations develop bomb threat policies and staff training. At its inception, we educate principal business leaders on the needs for a bomb threat management program. After the presentation, we assist key leaders in developing their personalized bomb threat management procedure. We make it relevant to their facility and business function. Lastly, utilizing the new policy, we assist our clients with the delivery of the new procedure. Equipping all employees in the event of a bomb threat.

Recently we delivered our initial Bomb Threat Management Training to a Federation of Businesses all housed under one roof. According to the Director of the Federation, “The training was outstanding. A great place to start for us navigating through and creating our policy so we are all on the same page.” –T.S. Overland Park

Our team of Bomb Threat Management Agents are trained at the highest level of military training for bomb detection and render safe abilities. We won’t be training you and your staff on how to defuse a bomb but what to do in the event of a threat.  Part of our service in bomb threat management is to create a viable plan for employees on what to look for in the event of possible explosive devices. Unattended backpacks are just the beginning. The planning begins with the type of business or school and the probability of an event. There are two types of bomb threats to manage: business interruption and destruction of property/potential loss of life. Our process entails the construction of the plan. Additionally, once the plan is created we facilitate the training of employees in receiving potential threat calls to searching for a suspicious package. You DON’T want to be the employee that houses the unidentified package under their desk for days until someone decided they needed to investigate further. True story. 

Bomb Threat Response Services are also provided by Harris Associated Consulting. We have a strong relationship with law enforcement and access to bomb detection dogs that can respond to your place of work should the need arise. 

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