Drone Capabilities

Drone capabilities have become one of the smarts choices when it comes to Security Assessments, Site Assessments, and Security work.  If you are in a planning phase for new construction or building site survey, please contact HAC for a meeting appointment with our team.

Our drone operators are fully certified by the FAA. The certification process requires extensive training and knowledge demonstration. Drone pilots must complete a training course and then show their knowledge of various topics including, but not limited to: regulations, airspace classifications, weather, and emergency procedures.  

Our clients utilize our drones for a variety of purposes. Aerial views of properties for security design and vulnerability assessments enable our clients to realize any potential threats that may come from above or have access points previously not considered within their security plan.

Case study: Our drones have been utilized to record events such as outside meetings, sporting events, and company picnics. This drone footage is then reviewed and edited for a final version that can be used for marketing purposes.