As COO Ms. Harris brings an extensive background in education and curriculum development. Therefore, her experience translates into policy and procedure development for HAC clients. Utilizing SCRUM methodology in development of complex Policy and Procedures for clients, Mrs. Harris leads her clients, subject matter experts in THEIR own businesses, in developing relevant policy and procedure.

Additionally, Ms. Harris is trained in Vital Infrastructure Assessments. Utilizing her experience as an educator Ms. Harris holds a unique perspective in identifying security risks for schools, universities, and their personnel.

Drawing upon her teaching years Ms. Harris coordinates all training(s) provided by HAC. Furthermore, she is a Certified A.L.i.C.E Instructor designed to help schools, universities, and businesses respond in a reasonable and safe fashion in the event of a hostile intruder. The A.L.i.C.E.program provides information and planning to improve the survivability of students, staff, and employees.