Ms. Kline served in the US Army as a Federal Criminal Investigator.  During her time in the US Army, Ms. Kline worked a number of fraud cases. She is experienced in investigating and helping bring to justice those who commit fraud.  Additionally, Ms. Kline is experienced in general crimes, including assault and sexual assault cases of all types.  Ms. Kline is also trained in providing protective services while in movement in a combat zone.

Ms. Kline brings specialized knowledge in fraud investigation and fraud prevention.  Fraud Prevention is one of the key activities that many businesses struggle with.  According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, businesses lose approximately 5% of their total revenue each year to fraud.  In addition, internal control weaknesses were responsible for nearly one half of the fraud schemes which occur.  By enhancing internal controls and helping to identify the specific risks to your company, we can reduce the amount of revenue your business loses each year.