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Our experienced agents have a wide variety of backgrounds including Law Enforcement, Military, and other experiences that provide the clients of Harris Associated Consulting unrivaled depth and extensive knowledge in a vast array of arenas. All of our agents are specifically trained and licensed private investigators.

The HAC Team uniquely offering male and female agents and principals, creates efficient, cost effective solutions to situation resolution aligned with your corporate needs and objectives. Our team maintains a consistent, rigorous training and planning schedule to maintain a high skill level in a wide area of confidential skill sets both for the privacy and security, as well as, our clients. .

The principals of HAC have traveled extensively world-wide in an throughout high risk locations. That experience combined with our Global Intelligence Networks provide an additional layer of security for our clients both domestically and abroad.

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  • Kent Harris
    Kent Harris, CEO. ¬†With over 30 years of field experience Mr. Harris and his team provide our…
  • Libby Harris
    As COO Ms. Harris brings an extensive background in education and curriculum development which translates into policy…